Harald I (Danish Harald Blåtand) was the King of Denmark between 940 and 985 AD. He liked eating blueberries so much that his teeth were blue. They called him ‘Bluetooth’.

Harald united Denmark and Norway. When some communications experts were looking for name for a new technology that united PCs and peripheries, they thought of Harald. Now everybody is familair with the term ‘bluetooth’ .

Bluetooth saves lives. Using a handheld mobile phone while driving is illegal and dangerous. You lose at least 40% of your control. If you use a Bluetooth hands-free attachment, you can speak and still drive safely.

If, like me, you are an iPod fan, you can use Bluetooth to wear lightweight headphones in your house and listen to your music remotely.

Fridges, microwave ovens, stereos, cars …you name it. King Harald is uniting them all.

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